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Please see your child’s class blog for updates about what we’re doing in science.  I post to the class blogs instead of here so parents only need to subscribe to one blog.


This blog has a tab for the Science Fair, so please do check it out.

Science Fair

The next assignment for your student’s science fair project is Monday, November 14.  They have to write their variables and hypothesis.   We went over this in class and will be completing it in class.  

Some students have requested to do this assignment at home, or at least get started on it.  Here is a link that will help them write their variables and hypotheses


5th Grade Plant Nutrition

This week students think about how to break the dormancy of another organism, the wheat plant. They plant wheat seeds in containers of soil and place half of the planters in a lighted environment and the other half in a dark environment.

Students read about the action of chlorophyll and its role in the manufacture of sugar. They observe their wheat plants to determine which plants have chlorophyll. Students infer that the plants growing in light are the ones prepared to produce food to provide nutrients to their cells.

We are also still observing Nature’s Recycler’s – The Red Worm.  Keep bringing in that compost.  They are hungry!


5th Grade is also working on their STEM Challenge for Grandparent’s Day, October 21st.    The theme is Pumpkins!  5th graders will be designing and building the tallest tower to support a baby jack-o-lantern, (it’s a small cutie orange actually).  Stay tuned!

Pumpkin STEM challenge

Grades K-5 will be working on a STEM challenge to present on October 21st (Grandparent’s Day here at St. Michael’s)

Each class will be using the scientific method while working toward their results.  The theme is ‘pumpkins’.   Projects will be done in class. Stay tuned for pictures of progress!

Science Quiz

There will be a science quiz on Friday, September 16.  A study guide went home today, and we reviewed and went over items to highlight in the journals.  Students were encouraged to take their journals home.  Some wanted to take a textbook, which is fine.  I was proud that some asked to do so!

We will be moving on to the Human Digestive System next week.

5th Grade Science

I sent home a letter with your student on Wednesday, September 7 regarding our Living Systems unit.  It gives an overview of what we are working on and learning.  If you do not get a copy, please let me know.

Please send in some garbage!?  What??!  We are learning out Nature’s Recyclers (Red Worms) and how they help break down detritus in our environment.  They’d love to have your table scraps, (no meat, fats or oils please).

4th Grade Science

Information about our Science Fair projects went home with your student on Wednesday, September 7.  We will be doing our projects mostly during class time in stages, with their first assignment due October 7.  Students must pick a project by this date, with my and parent approval.  Students have been encouraged to do something unique that is their own idea.   Even if it’s a “tweaking” of an already existing project.

There will be plenty of communication about the Science Fair, including a separate link on our science blog.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

3rd Grade Science

Our 3rd graders have planted seeds without soil – we used plant food to give it nutrients.  We observe any changes during class and write in our journals.  The object is to complete a life cycle – from seed to plant to seed again.

How much water does a seed soak up?  We are going to find out.  Students measured dry lima bean seeds and soaked them in water.  Using scales we are going to weigh them after they soak over two nights and record our observations.

There will be a quiz on September 14.  We will review and students will take their journals home to study.



Happy New Year!

We are so excited to have our new science lab this year, thank you to all who contributed to the Capital Campaign, I am personally grateful to be in a new classroom that is designed for science.

We are getting started right away and I will keep our blog updated with what we are doing in class along with pictures so families can see what we are up to.

Here’s to a wonderful year in science!!!

5th Grade Science

The last day of science, 5th graders will be treated to a viewing of the 1999 movie October Sky.  It is a true story about how Sputnik inspired a young man to work in the science field.

It is on the list of the top movies students should see by the time they’re 11.  Here is a link for further information:

AND……last quiz will be Monday 5/23 on Mixtures and Solutions.